PSA General - Who can help me?

Who can help me?

Click on the link which best describes your relationship with ParishSOFT Accounting:

  • Independent: Independently manage ParishSOFT Accounting settings and privileges
  • Under Diocese: Under the authority of a diocese who manages the ParishSOFT Accounting settings and privileges


Independently Manage Settings

There are two login privilege settings: Church Administrator and Church User

Church Administrator may do the following:


You must have your church administrator contact Support if you need the following:

Note: When emailing support include the name of the church, zip code, and account number. The account number can be found in the upper right corner below the Home and Log out links.


Diocese Manages Settings

A diocese administrator may do the following: Note, anything the Diocese or Church Administrator may do, support may only do with written permission from the Church Administrator or the Diocese and agreement by the church to pay a Professional Services fee.


A diocese or church administrator may do the following:


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