PSFS Offering - Batches: How To delete a batch

How to delete a batch


Deleting a Batch is only done with the consideration that you have all of the data needed to re-enter the Batch. You will not be able to edit or delete a Closed Batch as only Open or Committed Batches may be edited.

You also need to have delete privileges in ParishSOFT Family Suite under your Staff Assignment. If you're unable to delete a batch, check with your Organization Admin. 

If a Batch is made in error or you need to begin again, please take the following steps: (*If the batch is a Quick Entry Batch, please skip to step 6).

  1. Go to the Offering module.
  2. Locate the Batch that you intend to delete and take note of the Batch Name and Date

  3. Go to the Contribution List and select the Date Range of the Batch. Click on View Contributions. The Contributions for this Date Range should populate. If you need to further filter the results, you can type in the Batch Name in the Batch Field.
  4. Click on all of the records that need to be deleted and then click on the Trash Can icon.
  5. A prompt will appear and ask if you are sure that you want to delete the selected Contributions. Click yes.
  1. Once the Contributions are deleted, you must go back to the Batches tab.
  2. Locate the appropriate Batch and (1) click on the checkbox next to its name. 
  3. Click on Delete Batch (2).
  4. A prompt will appear and ask if you are sure that you would like to delete the selected Batch. Click Yes.


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