PSG Reports - Billing Report: How to View your Organization's Processing Fees

How to find the "Billing Report (Payment Brands)" in ConnectNow Giving

This article answers the following questions:

  1. Why was our church charged an ACH Debit from our checking account where we normally receive money from transactions?
  2. How do we find out how much our processor is charging us for our transaction fees from credit/Debit transactions?

Processing fees can vary, and depending on who the processor is, a customer (merchant) will either receive a separate processing bill every month via mail or email, or they will be able to access an invoice or report through ConnectNow Giving, that covers all the fees.


1.  To locate this report, go to "Reports" and to "Canned Reports".


2.  In canned reports go to the "Other" section and click on the "Billing Report (Payment Brands)"


3. You will then be brought to the "Billing Report (Payments Brands)".  You must put in a date range to filter for the Processing Report and hit "Search".


4.  A line item with a batch ID, Date, Amount Charged, the account type that was charged for the total bill, and the Transaction types that were processed will show up.


5.  Hit the "Action" key and choose the "View Details" option to see the items on the bill.



6. You will then see an itemized list of transaction dates, and the amounts processed with their processing fees.



7. You can now "Export" or "Print" this itemized report as needed for your records and convenience.

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