PSFS Offering - Posting: How to post contributions to an individual member

How to post contributions to an individual member

There are instances when posting Contributions in the Offering modules that you will encounter Contributions by specific Members of a Family that should not be credited to the Family Giving History. You will be able to accomplish this task in both Detailed Posting and Quick Entry Posting by taking the following steps:-

Detailed Posting

  1. In Detailed Posting, you will look for Posting Options
  2. Select the drop-down menu under Input For:
  3. You will be able to select between Family and Member. Bear in mind that you will need to toggle between these options as you input Contributions. You will be able to tell if you are using the correct option if the Family Posting Details emerge in the section on the right side automatically. If this does not populate, try to toggle to the other option.


Quick Entry Posting

  1. In the Quick Entry Posting Launch Screen, look for Options and Filters in the upper-right hand corner.


  1. You will choose the option to Lookup By the Last Name of both the Family and the Member.


  1. When you begin to type in the Last Name it will pull up options with two different icons. Option Number One indicates Family. Option Number Two indicates Member.


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