PSFS IT - email: How to configure Gmail

How to configure Gmail

After a parish has had their custom gmail domain (or a new user using a regular gmail account) configured into ParishSOFT there a couple of changes that need to be made within the Google Account itself.

There are two setting in the Google Account setting that need to be set a certain way in order to successfully send mail through ParishSOFT FS

1. Set two step verification to off

2. Set allow less secure apps to on


Here are some images to help you find these settings after you click into the Google Account (different than gmail settings)


Below is the section of the Google Account settings where these options can be found



Here is two step verification, it is near the top of the sign in & security page 


Here is the allow less secure apps



Once those settings are changed they should be able to email out of connectnow


****Currently there are some issues sending email through gmail even after these settings have been changed. But you will not now if it will or will not work for a parish until after these settings are changed 

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