CNFS IQ - How to Export Query Results to a .csv File

After you run a query, you can export it to a .csv file where you can modify the data. After opening the .csv file in Excel, you can export the data into any one of the many formats Excel offers and then import the records into any other application. This topic shows you how to export results to a .csv file.

  1. Build the query the way you typically do by choosing columns from the Column Picker and specifying conditions.

For instructions on building a new query, go to How to Create a New Query.

  1. At the top of the Query Results panel, click  to run the query.

The results are displayed in the Query Results panel.

  1. To export the results to a .csv file, complete the following:

a. Click .

b. From the menu, select the Export to CSV option.


The results are exported to a .csv file.

c. Save the .csv file to your local hard drive.

  1. If desired, do one or both of the following:
  • Open the file in Excel and make changes, if necessary.
  • Export the data into any one of the many formats Excel offers.
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