PSFS - Ministry Scheduler - Events: Delete an Event or Ministry

Delete an Event or Ministry 

**Even if you have delete privileges in ConnectNow, you'll need to be an Organization Admin to delete ministry groups, events, and roles in Configuration.

Before you delete a Ministry or Ministry Event in Ministry Scheduler, there's one thing you should do first:

  1. Make sure that any Minister's assigned to the Ministry or Event has an "End Date". 
    • Go to "Minister List" and hit the "Bulk Change End-Date" button.

    • Choose your Ministry Group (ex. Liturgy) and/or your Event.


    • Select an "End Date" hit "Save".
  1. Go to "Reports" and run a "Minister List" report for the Ministry Group, Ministry, Role, or Event that you want to delete.  If the report comes up with no Ministers on the list, then you're good to go and delete the desired Configuration item.
  2. Go to "Configuration".
  3. Select a Ministry Group, Ministry, Role (if needed), and/or Event.
  4. Once you've highlighted the item you wish to delete, hit the trash can icon at the top of the list.
  5. The Configuration List will now update with your changes.




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