CNFS Religious Ed - Setup: Page Settings

How to Change Start Page Settings in Religious Education Module  

When you go into the Religious Education Module after setup,  you are prompted to choose a page for the module to open (i.e. it's "Start Page").


There are 3 options:

1.) "Yes please!" will allow you to choose which page to open to (ex. Classes, Student Directory, Leaders, et cetera).

2.) "No thank you, but ask me again when I come back to this tab" will get you past the prompt and into your RE module but will mean that the prompt shows up every time you log in to the RE module.

3.) "No thank you, I am happy with the Dashboard" will get you past the prompt, as well as cancel the prompt for any future logins to the RE module.  

*If you choose number 1 or 3 but wish to change your selection in the future, you can find the "Start Page Settings" under the "Home" tab.


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