PSFS Offering - Pledges: How to adjust a pledge

How to adjust a pledge

Also described as, "How to edit a pledge."

  • The software automatically recalculates balances and payments for you.
  • Adjustments are reflected in the balance due amount in the family's pledge record and in pledge reports, such as statements and projections.
  • Note that you cannot edit pledges that are in a closed batch.
  • To edit a pledge, you must have View plus Add/Edit access rights for Contributions.

  1. Click Pledges to display the Pledge Management page.
  2. Locate the donor whose pledge you want to adjust. You can do this by typing the donor's envelope number in one of the column header fields (for example, type the envelope number in the Env# field or the last name in the Last Name field).
  3. Click  next to the donor's name. The Edit Pledge window for the selected donor is displayed. For example:
    An asterisk ( * ) indicates a required field.
    The donor's personal information is displayed at the top of the form. This information is pulled from the family record.

    The editable fields in the pledge record are located in the lower half of the window. The fields shaded in gray, cannot be changed. The application automatically calculates the amounts in these fields based on the pledge amount and posted payments and adjustments.

  1. Edit the pledge details as necessary. Go to Pledge Details for descriptions of the editable fields in the Pledge Record portion of the form.
  1. Click Save. A message is displayed to inform you that the pledge record was updated with your changes.
  1. (optional) To view the details of the changed pledge, click Quick Reports and select Pledge Details.

    The Pledge Details report is displayed.

    Following is an example of a Pledge Details report. Note that each donor's pledge information and payment history is displayed on a separate page in this report. Use the page controls at the top of the viewer to advance to each record in the report.

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