LII People - Duplicate Entries: Remove Duplicate Records

How to find and remove duplicate entries

Before moving forward, Backup your Data

Check for duplicate records

Delete or Flag and Remove duplicate records


Check for duplicate records

Export your People Data to an excel file with a csv format (delimited with comma) so you may sort it in several ways to determine which records, if any, are duplicates.

As demonstrated here, you would select the Advanced export options and select Individual Merge 1 per person.

This could be exported to a Delimited with Comma spreadsheet, where you can sort by any field you wish, and then scour it for duplicate entries with slight spelling variation or duplicate records, one with a new last name.

Three fields you might want to sort on and examine are Last Name, First Name, and Date of Birth. The Sort on First Name/Date of Birth may be useful in finding a record of a person who has an ID in their Family of Origin and in their new Nuclear Family.

Once you have found duplicate records, carefully select which item you want to flag for deletion. If there are contributions attributed to both entries, be careful to transfer any contribution history from the one you are deleting to the one you are keeping. If the record is flagged, you may print the report in the Delete Flagged routine, which has a field for the last time they gave.-

Example: If for example, you have a newly married young adult who is showing as both part of their parent's household (Family ID 400) and as that of their spouse (Family ID 500), one record will need to be removed. Find which one has the most information and keep that one. If the one with the least amount of information has any contribution history, transfer the contribution history to the one you are keeping. If you decide to keep the record assigned to the parent's family (Family of Origin), you will want to Change the ID of the record in the Nuclear Family (500.xx). We recommend simply changing it to the same Family ID with the extension of .99 so the new ID in our example would be 500.99. To enable re-use of the ID from which you just changed the record, Reindex the data. Then, Change the ID of the record in the Family of Origin (400.xx) to the Family ID of the Nuclear Family (500.xx). Now you are ready to delete or flag the duplicate record, 500.99.

Delete or Flag and Remove Duplicate Records

Once you have determined which record you would like to Flag or Remove and have transferred all contribution history to the keeper record, you may Delete or Flag and Remove the Duplicate Record.


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