LII Contributions - Reports: Giving Statements ~ Add a Logo

How to add a church logo to giving statements through the self-supporting tool,  Logos User Reports

From the Output Destination screen, select the Edit button as demonstrated in the screen shot below. Note: User Reports is a free tool. If you do not have the Edit button on the Output Destination Screen, you may add this tool by using code cm-924572.

A new screen will open which is the actual statement report format. You must select a place on the statement to place the Logo. You will need to play around with this a little to find a place which also doesn't cause the statement to go off the end of the page. It does not hurt to play around with this because the original statement format will not be changed and you may continue to use that until the Logo is added and placed to your satisfaction.

Select the picture icon (refer to the screen shot below) and then click into the designated spot on the report format screen. You will need to click in the upper left of the designated area and drag to the lower right as if you are creating the Logo area (which you are).

A new screen will open that will allow you to browse for your Logo. NOTE: If you select your Logo but it does not display (as shown in the Statement Report Format below), it is likely too big. You may need to open it in paint and save it with fewer pixels.

After selecting your Logo, you will see it in the Statement Report Format.

You must now close the Statement Report Format by clicking File and Close. You will be prompted with the question, do you want to save your changes? Answer Yes.

You may give your new report format a name that informs why this new format exists.

You will once again be on the Output Destination Screen. Now, to select your newly formatted report, click the Select button at the bottom left. Then, highlight your new format and click OK.

Once you have selected your report format, you may Print the report. We recommend a Print Preview so you don't waste paper while you make changes to the Logo placement, pixel size and file type. All three of these items will make a difference in whether the image will work. The image used in the example was a bmp image of 4.77 KB.

NOTE: If you want to go back to using the original statement format, select the box in the lower left of the Select User Report window which says, Use system report.

Below is a screen shot of a print preview of the Contribution Statement using the new format with the Logo.


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