CNG - How to Access Old Global Deposit Reports

How to Access the Legacy Deposit Report 

During the transition of many of our customers from Global Processors to Payment Brands, a few things have changed in reports.

 You may notice that your Global Reports section is showing as blank for the moment.  Do not be alarmed by this.  All your deposit data from 11/28/17 and prior (anything generated by the old processor) can be found in "Canned Reports".  See below.


1.) Go to "Reports" on your Dashboard and to "Canned Reports".


2.) Scroll to the Bottom of your Canned Reports to the "Legacy Deposit Report" and the "Global Deposit Report (Prior to 11/28/2017)".


3.)  Click on "Global Deposit Report (Prior to 11/28/2017)" and then put in a date range and hit "Search".  Any Deposit Reports within that time frame will now come up.







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