CNFS Tuiton: How to Add an Invoice Item

This topic shows you how to add an invoice item to the ConnectNow Tuition application. An invoice item is any product that you bill your customers for. These include such common items as tuition, registration, and lunch fees as well as any services you charge for and discounts you provide. You must create an invoice item for every item that you want to appear on your invoices.

  1. Click  to display the Invoice Items page.

  2. In the toolbar, click .

This button is available only if you have View + Add Edit permissions tied to your login credentials.

The Create New Item window opens:

  1. Specify details of the invoice item:

An asterisk (*)  indicates a required field.

  • Description: a descriptive name for the item, for example, Sacramental fee.

The description you provide appears on your reports, invoices, and statements.

  • Unit Price: the unit cost or base price a single item. The system adjusts the total amount billed based on the quantity entered on the customer's invoice.  
  • Fund: the fund the item is associated with.
  • Item Options: select the Discount Item checkbox if the item will be applied as a discount to an invoice. For details, go to How to Create a Discount Item.
  1. Click Create New Item.

The invoice item is added to the Invoice Items list.


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