OLG Administration - Managed Giver: Creating a Managed Giver in MyOwnGiving.com aka Online Giving

How to set up Managed Giving accounts

There are two ways to create accounts for Managed Givers:

If a giver has an Independent account but would like the church to take over this process:

  1. Create a new Managed giver account for this family/member.
  2. Send Parishsoft Support an Email stating that you would like an Independent account turned into a Managed Giver Account and include the following information:
    • The email address of the giver's Independent Account.
    • The exact text of the name listed for the Managed Giver account you created for them.

If there is no independent account, you may create a new Managed Giver account from scratch:

  • In Manage My Church, Select Register New Giver


  • Fill in all mandatory fields (those with a red asterisk) and any additional optional information, then click submit.
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