OLG Administration - Managed Giver: How to set up Managed Giving accounts

How to set up Managed Giving accounts

Managed Giver accounts are set up and maintained by the church administrator. The online giving app sends the church administrator email notifications.

There are two ways to create an account for Managed Givers: change from an independent account or create a new account.


How to change an existing independent account to a new Managed Giver Account

If a giver has an independent account but would like the church to take over this process:

  1. Create a new Managed Giver Account for this family/member.
  2. Send Parishsoft Support an email stating that you would like an independent account turned into a Managed Giver Account and include the following information:
    • The email address of the giver's independent account.
    • The exact text of the name listed for the Managed Giver Account you created for them.


How to add a new Managed Giver Account 

These instructions must be followed to create a new Managed Giver Account for any giver who has never had an account before; in addition, they must be followed for any giver who wants to move from an independent account to a Managed Giver Account.

  1. In Manage My Church, select Register New Giver


  1. Fill in all mandatory fields (those with a red asterisk) and any additional optional information, then click SUBMIT.


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