CNFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to add a sacrament record for more than one person at a time (Group Entry)

If you use our Religious Education module, you can add more than one sacrament record at a time by:

1. Going to Family Directory > Sacraments > Group Sacrament Entry:


2. Select the sacrament you'd like to add, then the Term the class is located in, and then select the class the students are in that you'd like to create a sacrament record for. Then select search:


3. Select the students you'd like to create the record for by selecting the green plus sign next to their name. To select them all you can select the green plus sign at the top: 


4. Then check the boxes next to the information you'd like to add and put in the correct information and click save:



And a Confirmation Sacrament record will be created for everyone in that was in that class! 





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