CNFS Offering - Reports: How to identify Number of Non-Givers and Who They Are

You would like to run a report that will detail all the people in your parish who have not given in the past year.

1. The easiest way to check for non-givers is in Offering Reports. From there you can select Contributions from the Category menu and then Summary from the Report Menu

2. Then you can select all relevant funds


3. Then select the date range you'd like. Place 0.00 for minimum and $0.00 for maximum. Set the membership filters you'd like and then make sure you check the boxes for "Include $0 Contributions" and "Include Non-Givers in Report:"


4. Then select all the givers and click View Report: 


(If the report does not generate in a new window, and it appears that nothing happened then your pop-up blocker is most likely turned on. This will need to be turned off to run our reports. You can disable pop-up blocker within your browser settings)

5. To get the number of non-givers, go to the last page of the report, at the bottom it will say "Summary" and then give you the number of families that do not give. 

6. If you need to export this list to Excel format, save the document as a CSV, it will download to your computer, and then you can open it: 



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