CNG - Refunds: How to Refund a Transaction

We understand there are times where you may need to refund a transaction.  You can refund any successful transaction for the full amount of the transaction.

To refund a transaction go to “Reports> Transactions”:


Next, search for your donor by name.  We recommend starting your search with the donor’s last name and then refining your search further if needed:

  1. Enter your donor’s last name. Click [Search].  If you have too many results, add their first name and click [Search] to further refine your results, or use the Advanced Search option.
  2. Locate your donor’s recurring transaction then click on the [Action] dropdown
  3. From here you can return the full transaction amount back to the donor’s original form of payment.

Once you have chosen to refund the transaction, follow the instructions provided to finalize the refund.

Credit/Debit card refunds will be credited to the donor’s account within the following 1-2 business days.

ACH/eCheck donations take longer to process, so we will need to wait 3-5 business days after the ACH/eCheck donation has been submitted to confirm that the funds will be honored and therefore can be refunded. Once we can confirm the funds are available, we can process a refund for the ACH/eCheck donation. This will credit to the donor’s account within the same time frame as ACH/eCheck processing; 3-5 business days.

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