CMS Attendance - Reports: How to get a list of Visitors

How to get a list of 1st time attendees or a list of visitors for a specific year.

There are two reports you can use depending on your needs:

Attendance Report for First Time Attendees

Membership - Create a List/Checklist report



Attendance Report for First Time Attendees

This report is for a specific date.  You could run it for each week if the next option is not possible.

Access this report by clicking on Reports > First Time Attendees.

Filter the report as needed. Enter the date of attendance and click OK.  If you are looking for multiple dates you will need to run the report multiple times with a different date each time.



Membership Report: create a List/Checklist report

You will have to have set the Membership Status to Visitor and not have changed it.

The Household record will have to have been added in the year in which you are looking. 

Click on the List/Checklist link on the left side of the Membership Module Main Menu.

Click New Report on the right.

Give the report a name (you can enter your initials in the Create By or leave it blank) and click OK.

Click the Member Status button and then select only codes that equal visitor and click OK


Then click on House Additional Selections button.

Check the box for Date Entered and enter your date range and click OK

You can now print the report to get your list of people who were visitors in that particular year.



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