PSA L&P - Checks: How to reprint a check

How to reprint a check

When a check is printed in ConnectNow Accounting, the only time it can be re-printed is if you get the following message when you click on the Checks Icon and the check you want to reprint is listed:



After OK is clicked, a screen similar to the following screen will display. It will list all the checks in the selected bank account that were not yet marked as successfully printed:

If the displayed check is the one for which reprinting is desired, it may be done by following the normal print checks process starting with Print SelectedHow to print checks

If no check displays or if the check that displays is not the check for which reprinting is desired, you may need to change the Bank Account to find the check you want to reprint. If the check you want to reprint does not display, no matter which bank account is selected, that check has already been marked as having printed successfully, and it may not be reprinted.

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