PSFS Administration - Passwords: How to Reset Staff Passwords Within Family Suite

How to Reset Staff Passwords from within Family Suite:


     1.  Under "Administration", Select "Manage Staff".



     2. Find the user's staff record and click on their name.


     3.  Choose the Assignments tab.2017-12-04_16-38-34.jpg

     4. Click Edit Details.

     5. Click the Reset Password button. You will get a notice saying that an email has been sent to your email address.  


     6. You will get an alert telling you that the password reset email has been sent.  Click "Ok".2017-12-04_16-52-01.jpg

     7. Click Save and then you can Close the Staff Profile.2017-12-04_16-40-47.jpg


You should receive an email with a temporary password pretty immediately. If it doesn't come through, try checking your spam or junk folder. 

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