CNA L&P - Checks: Can I change the date of the checks in Print Checks?

Can I change the date of a check during the Print Checks process?

 You can change the date of checks before you print them; in the Create Checks Screen by simply typing over the date you see on the screen.


 After clicking Print checks but while still on the Create Checks window (window #2 with the create checks button on the bottom) it is not yet to late to start over.  Do NOT click the back button on the browser, instead click the checks Icon again so you return to the first screen of the Checks Process.  Correct your date and proceed as normal.

If you get to the Print Checks screen you cannot change the date of the checks:

Once you are at the Print Selected screen you  can change the check number but not the date.

To change the date of a check that is already printed, please go to this link: How do I Change the Check Number after Printing the Check


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