DFS Offering - Reports: How to run Non Giver Report

Many times parishes need a listing of families who have not given to a particular fund. Below explains the steps how to generate a Non-Giver Report.

First, click on the Periodic Contribution Statements in the Parishsoft reports. 

Then you will click on the Access Icon located on the left.

  1. Set the filters for the beginning and end date range that you want to see who did not contribute for the particular funds.
  2. Select the Only Non Contributors checkbox.
  3. Select which funds you want to see in relation to the Non Givers.
  4. Click on the Recalculate button

After hitting the Recalculate button, click on the Pastor Report located under the Reports section. Then click on Print Report

The Report of Non Givers will generate within the Print Preview screen.

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