Go-Global - Keyboard: Characters such as up-carrot ^ inserted

How to prevent special characters from inserting themselves when using a Mac in Go-Global

Sometimes when using a MAC computer to access Logos thru Go Global some keyboard characters are not entered correctly.  They can append characters such as ^ to your keystrokes.

To correct this you have to change your settings on both Go Global and Logos.

When you first log into Go Global you should see, in the upper right corner of the screen, a setting for United State-International.

You will simply click on this and then select US (see second screen shot.)

Once you have made the change to US you will then log into your Logos program.

When you get the Logos Login Screen the setting in the upper right will be back to United States - International.  You will change this again by clicking directly on it and then selecting US again (see second screen shot below)

Once you have changed this second instance you will continue to log into Logos.  You should no longer see any special characters appended during data entry.

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