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Fund Management

On your giving platform, users can donate to multiple funds/campaigns. You can create as many categories as you’d like; however, users will be limited to a maximum of 3 funds per transaction.
To add your categories, click Organization Fund Management from within your Control Panel. This page will display your funds/campaigns. NOTE: if you do not see the Fund Management option under the Organization tab in your control panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.


You can add a new fund by clicking Add Fund. A new window will pop up for you to add the Fund name and the Fund Code*(if applicable).  The Fund Name field will remain red until a name has been input, as a name for the fund is required. You can also set a time for this fund to expire, as well as group funds by Parent Fund and Sub Fund.





  1. A Parent Fund would be a fund that you can group similar funds underneath. For example, if you have already added a fund named Missions, and want to add your funds Africa Missions and South America Missions to stem from this grouping, you can add these funds by clicking Add Fund and choose Missions from the Parent Funddrop down menu.
  2. Fund Codes are sometimes used by third party databases to accurately sync the fund record from our giving portal to the third party database via the Data Export function. Examples of databases that use funds codes are ACS and PowerChurch. If you are not using a database that generates a fund code when adding a fund or giving category, then you will not need to input anything into the Fund Code field when creating or editing a fund.
  3. If you have added a campus, you can choose a campus from the Campus drop down menu to choose what campus giving portal this fund will appear on. By default, funds will be set to appear on all campus portal URLs. You can learn more about adding campuses here, and learn more about assigning funds to a campus here.
  4. Checking the Available for Forms Only box will make the fund you’re adding visible only when choosing the fund within your form settings. This allows you to create a fund specifically for your even registration, donation, or fundraising form, without the fund appearing on your giving portal. To learn more about form settings, click here.




Click Edit Display Order to change how the order of the funds appear on your giving services. Click Action next to the fund name to EditDeleteDeactivate, or Add a Sub-Fund to the fund.


Need an additional comments field for donors to further designate what they are giving too? Our support team can enable this for you! Contact us by clicking Help Desk > Support > Create New Case. To enable the additional comments field, indicate the following in your support case:


Category: Donations

Subject of Question/Comment: Enable Additional Comments

Description of Question/Comment: Please enable the additional comments field for my giving portal.


Click “Submit”. Within 1-2 business days, our support team will update your giving portal settings to include the additional comments field.

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