PSG Settings - Fund Management: How to create a new fund

How to create a new fund

On your giving platform, users can donate to multiple funds/campaigns. You can create as many funds as you’d like; however, users will be limited to a maximum of 3 funds per transaction. Once you create a fund, you should not make any changes to the fund name or ID number.  This includes not adding or deleting spaces or punctuation.

To add new funds, click Settings and then Fund Management from the available options. This page will display your funds/campaigns.

NOTE: if you do not see the Fund Management option under the Settings tab in your control panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

You can add a new fund by clicking Add Fund.

A new window will pop up for you to add the Fund name and the Fund Code.

The Fund Name field will remain red until a name has been entered since the Fund Name is required. Do not add slashes (/) or apostrophes (') to your Fund Name, or it may hinder the set up of quick gifts or scheduled giving.  You are allowed 42 characters for the Fund Name. If you add any more than that you will not be able to enter a Fund Code. You can also set a time for this fund to expire.

  1. Fund Name is the displayed name for your fund on both forms and the Online Giving site.  We do not recommend the use of Parent Fund or Sub Funds at this time. If you do need to use Sub Funds, you should understand that the sub-funds are seen as being part of the parent fund (ex. a Sub Fund with a Parent Fund ID of 1234 will be treated as though it's Fund ID is 1234).  They will integrate or import as part of the Parent Fund, not as their own individual fund.
  2. Fund Codes are used by ParishSoft Family Suite to accurately sync the fund record from our giving portal to ParishSoft Family Suite via the Data Export function and ChMS Integration. Examples of databases that use funds codes are ConnectNow Family Suite (a.k.a. Fund ID).  It is recommended that you always put the Fund ID for the related ParishSoft Family Suite Fund in this field when you create the fund in Fund Management.  This way you do not have to go back and add Fund IDs later, which can break your linking to secondary bank accounts, and cause discrepancies in recurring gifts assigned to the fund, along with any reports for that fund.
  3. Start Date is the date a fund is able to begin receiving donations.  This field is optional, but will only apply on Funds that are marked as "Active."
  4. End Date is the date a fund ceases being able to receive donations. This field is optional, but will only apply on Funds that are marked as "Active."
  5. Checking the Available for Forms Only box will make the fund you’re adding visible only when choosing the fund within your form settings. This allows you to create a fund specifically for your event registration, donation, or fundraising form, without the fund appearing on your giving portal.  To learn more about form settings, click here. These types of funds do not integrate, but the transactions can be manually exported and imported into ParishSoft Family Suite.

Click Edit Display Order to change how the order of the funds appear on your giving services. Click Action next to the fund name to EditDelete or Deactivate fund. Again, it is recommended that you do not add Sub-Funds/strong>, and that after you create a fund (adding the fund ID at the time of creation) you make no further changes to the fund, not even to change the spacing.



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