CNG - How to Add Additional Bank Accounts for Deposits

How to Add Additional Bank Accounts for Deposits

In the event you need to change the bank account where you receive your deposits, you can submit your information and a copy of a voided check or bank letter via the Bank Account Change Form. In the Comments field of this form, please indicate which fund or campus this bank account should be tied to.


Once you have completed the form, you must attach one of these required supporting documents:

  • Pre-printed voided check with your organization’s name and address
  • Bank Letter: a letter provided by your bank with your organization’s name, routing and account number. (In the event you do not have a voided check to provide you can request a Bank Letter from your bank)


We are unable to add an additional depository account without one of the valid supporting document listed above. After receiving this information, your additional depository account should be active within 2-3 business days.


NOTE: There is an additional $5 monthly fee for each additional depository account added.

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