PSFS Offering - Bar code Scanning: How to use your bar code scanner to post contributions

How to use your bar code scanner to post contributions

You should first consult the user guide/manual for your scanner to set it up properly to scan your envelope bar codes. 

To use a bar code scanner effectively in ParishSOFT Family Suite, Detail Posting, please download these documents:

Bar code scanning carriage return options Rev 2.doc  Note: this downloads a Word doc.

Common bar code dollar amounts.pdf   Note: this downloads a PDF doc.

Those are some standard bar codes that can be used for posting contributions.  If these don't work for you, your scanner company may have other bar codes.


Begin scanning to post contributions:

In the Offertory module → PostingDetail Posting  Start in the envelope field.  

Here is how the process to enter contributions works using the bar code scanner:

  1. Scan the Envelope number.
  2. Use the Enter Key or Scan the One Carriage return bar code*.
  3. Type the amount or scan the Amount bar code.*
  4. Scan the Three Carriage return bar code* to get to the Save button.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 

Here’s the visual for Detail Posting:


One scanner option is from ZBAUS, Inc.

The document, Barcode Reader from ZBAUS Inc,  has the manufacturer's, Zbaus Inc (aka ZBA) contact information. The document, Barcode scanning carriage return options,  has the barcodes for one, two, and three carriage returns (aka “enters” on the keyboard). 

Zbaus Inc (aka ZBA) is the most popular barcode scanner choice for ParishSOFT customers. Zbaus has set up the barcodes in the attached document; however, these barcodes should work with any brand of scanner, as the font the codes are made from is a standard font and don't have anything to do with the brand of scanner.


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