PSFS Offering - Postings: How to post my loose cash contributions

How to post my loose cash contributions


  • In order to post your loose cash contributions, you will add a family record as Loose Cash within the family directory. For more information on how to add a family, please refer to How to add a new family to the Family List.
  •  When you create the family, you can assign the Loose Cash Family an envelope number (something easy you can remember like 999 or 9999).Loose_change_member.png

  •  From there you will be able to post all contributions in relation to loose cash and checks to the Loose Cash Family. 
  • If you have the donor's name from their check, you can add it in the memo field, allowing you to go back later and find their donations, if necessary.  You can add the Check Number and Memo Fields in the Options and Filters:



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