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Process Your Data File to Post Electronically

If your church has licensed ParishSOFT’s Import/Export utilities, you can save hours of posting time by importing contribution postings from your lockbox. The lockbox import lets you  electronically post pledge and contribution records from your bank’s data file—rather than one at a time using the traditional, manual posting process. Lockbox import is ideal for churches that use a bank lockbox or an electronic giving provider other than ParishSOFT (e.g., Vanco, ParishPay, etc.)

ParishSOFT has developed several lockbox import templates that can be used to bring transactions
processed through the following programs into ParishSOFT’s Offering & Pledges Module:

• Online Giving
• ParishPay
• Vanco
• PS_OnlineGiving
• PS_ParishPay
• PS_Vanco

The system also allows you to create new templates mapped specifically to the data files from your lockbox provider (e.g., your local banking institution). Instructions for creating new templates are provided on the following page. Templates with “PS_” preceding the file
name have been tested and proven fully functional with the relevant providers’ current lockbox data file formats. These files cannot be edited by any parish staff. This safeguard prevents staff from making inadvertent edits that could interrupt  lockbox import functionality. Templates without “PS_” preceding the file name can be deleted or edited to accommodate lockbox data file format changes from providers like Vanco and ParishPay. ParishSOFT may also update its “PS_” templates to accommodate such changes to lockbox data file formats.


Process Your Data File to Post Electronically

1. From your Contribution Posting  screen, click Batch Processing menu > Import Contributions from Lockbox.


2. Click in the Lockbox Template lookup field and select the template for your import. To set up a template, see instructions on the previous page.


 3. If your template file does not specify a Fund or a Contribution Date for your import, choose the appropriate account from the Fund lookup table and set the Contribution Date.

4. Check the box labeled Place this fund/account into a batch. 

5. Click the Browse button. Navigate to
and select the data file you wish to
6. Click the Process button.

During processing, ParishSOFT reads the data file and posts pledge and contribution records to the  appropriate funds and families in your software-no manual posting is needed for records that import successfully. If there are any issues with records during the import process, you will receive a message that specifies the last error that occurred. You can then click the View Lockbox Report  button to determine which records did not import. 



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