PSG Forms - Form Properties: Email notifications

How to setup email notifications on forms

Email notifications can be enabled to allow you or multiple people to receive an email notification to a submitted a response.  It can be used to send your form users a receipt of their form response submissions.

The Steps to do this are:

  1. From the Control Panel click Forms →
  2. Click the name of Form you wish to work with →
  3. Click the Form Properties tab in the bottom left corner
  4. Click the Email option at the top left corner
  5. You can now add in personalized messages for each email address that should be getting a response.
  6. Here is an example of a sample church member's response email.
    A. If I click on one of the field options from the form (blue buttons at the bottom), then it will display in the message box and you can copy-paste that into the "To" field and even the Subject if desired.
    B. When you have it filled out the way you would like it, including the message, then click the Add Email button at the bottom left corner.
  7. Here is an example of a sample admin email.
    Note: When this email response is ready, click on the Add Email button at the bottom left corner
  8. You may X out ot the email area when you are finished and go to the green Save button at the bottom right corner of the form

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