LA GL - Budgets: How to edit an incorrect budget

How to edit an incorrect budget

  1. In Logos Accounting, click on the General Ledger Tab.
  2. Click Budget in the Utilities Section.
  3. Verify the year is correct and make other choices as desired. Then click Next.

If you want to start with the same budget as the previous year click the Apply Budget button (but only if you want to start with last years numbers, not if you have already entered this year's numbers!).

Once you have applied last years budget or, if you are starting with a blank budget or editing an existing budget, edit the values as needed per account.

You can click Save/Close and pick up later or you can click Post to finish.  DO NOT click apply budget again as this will overwrite your numbers with last year's budget again. Until you post, the new budget numbers will not update reports.


If for any reason you need to edit your budget again in the future you can change any numbers you wish but when done you will need to click the Post button again to complete the updates.



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