CMS: Membership - Issue: People not showing in Enter Participation

Issue: People not showing in Enter Participation


Environment: CMS People Products



Do a backup of CMS.  File > Backup

Then rebuild the Person and EnterPar tables in the CMS Table Repair utility under File > Utilities

      Make sure no one else is in any CMS products.


      Click on File | Utilities | (CMS) Table Repair.

      Click the browse button.

      Find Enterpar(.db) and open it.

      Jot down the number of records from the left hand column.

      Click the rebuild button on the bottom of the screen.

      It will give you a number of records recovered.  The numbers should be the same.

Repeat this process for Person.db


Then empty the EnterPar table in the CMS File Editor utility under File > CMS File Editor.

     Click on File > Utilities > CMS File Editor.

     Click on Select Table to Edit.

     Find and open EnterPar.

     Click the Empty Table Button, click Yes to Emptying the table then click Yes you are sure.

     Close the File Editor.

The people should now show in the Enter Participation routine.



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