PSFS Offering - Import: How to format contribution export files to fit the "simple import" format

How to format contribution export files to fit the "simple import" format

Depending on the Online Giving Software you use, the files that are exported may not always import correctly.  When this happens, the export file must be edited.

To ensure the newly edited file imports correctly, update the data in the Export/Import file to fit the following format.


Key to abbreviations

POL# = a three to five digit number that serves as a unique identifier for your organization; for our purposes it is always the envelope number.

C = Contribution

P = Pledge (*Note: ParishSOFT Family Suite does not import Pledge Data, so if this is on your Export file already it will need to be deleted)

ENV# = Envelope Number

Date = Transaction Date/Donation Date

Fund ID = ParishSOFT Family Suite Fund DUID

 Follow these steps to ensure your file is correctly formatted

  1. Your export file will likely already have the header of the letter "H" in Column A, row 1, POL# in Column B, row 1, and the number "2" in Column C, row 1, but if it doesn't, you must add them
      A B C D E
     1 H POL# 2    
  2. All of Column A serves as a way for the file to show which imports are contributions and which are pledges.  Since ParishSOFT Family Suite does not import Pledge data, delete any Row that has a P (for Pledge) in column A.
  3. Move Envelope # to Column B.
  4. Move Contribution Amount to Column C.
  5. Move Contribution Date to Column D.
  6. Move Fund ID (DUID) to Column E.
  7. Delete all columns from F on.
  8. Once you've made these changes so that the information now fits these five columns, save the file as a CSV (comma delimited) file type.
  9. Go to the "Import" tab in ParishSOFT Offering and choose this newly formatted File for Import.

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