PSFS Offering - Import: How to import from most giving platforms

How to import contributions from most giving platforms

Before beginning, you will need to make sure that you have permission to import funds and that your funds are set to import. If you need instructions on this setup, see How to set up Family Suite for contribution imports.

The import file must be correctly formatted. ParishSOFT online giving products will automatically create properly formatted files, and so will some other online giving systems. For details on the format of an import file, see How to format a contribution import file. Always DELETE Column J (Contribution ID column) from your exported data file before importing. These are numbers generated by the giving platform which have no relation to PSFS but often do conflict with existing Contrib IDs.


Importing a File

  1. Click the Offering tab. Then, click Import. The Import page is displayed.

  2. Upload the file containing the contributions and pledges to ParishSOFT Offering. To do this, click Browse. Then, in the Open window, navigate to the location where you saved the .csv file. Select the file, and then click Open.

  3. The name of the file appears in the field to the left of the Browse button. A green progress bar appears to show you the progress of the upload.

  4. If an error message or warning is displayed, go to this topic: How to resolve common errors for contribution imports. That article provides information to help you fix the specific problem mentioned in the message. After you fix the problem, click the Browse button to retry the import.

  5. If the import file is processed, ParishSOFT will display the Import Summary page. The summary enables you to preview and verify that the contents of the file are correct before you import it. The summary includes information only from records in the funds you have permission to access. Review the summary information to make sure it is correct.

    The software creates a batch record and assigns the record a name, which is shown in the Batch Name field. Make note of the name of the record. After the file is imported, the software places it on the list on the Batch Management page where you can find it and view its details. If you want to change the name of the batch record, type a new name in the field. 

  6. At the bottom click Import.

The software processes the file and attempts to import records into ParishSOFT Offering. When processing completes, the software displays the Import Summary:

The summary includes details about the import, including the name of the import file, the number of successfully imported records, the total dollar amount of contributions in the file, and the reasons why the software failed to import certain records in the file.  

Take one of the following actions:

  • Click to import another file.
  • If the Import Summary indicates that the import was less than 100% successful, click PDF or CSV to view the import report. Fix the errors identified in the report, and then re-import the file. If the file contains contributions with external contribution IDs, re-importing the file will result in duplicate records. We recommend that you delete any duplicate records.

Importing Anonymous Gifts

If the file contains anonymous gifts, click Select Anonymous Family, and then select the name of your organization's anonymous family. In the Family ID field, the software automatically enters the family DUID associated with the anonymous family name you selected.

If you have an anonymous or fictitious family (in Family Directory) set up to receive anonymous gifts, select the name of that family from the list. If you don’t see the name, select (Search for an Existing Family) to locate the family.

If you do not have an anonymous or fictitious family set up in Family Directory, you can quickly create one by selecting (Add New Anonymous Family).

If you want to remove the name of a family from the Family Name list, click Remove.


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