LII Contributions - Pledge Letters: FAQ

Pledge Letter FAQs

I have changed the wording in the Pledge letter but the changes are not being saved. Click finish for the changes to be saved. 

There is not a dollar sign by the amount?  Mark the box to show currency symbol if you are using the Statements/Letters/Receipts. The Pledge Reminders do not have this option.

How do I add a signature? The signature is added using a signature graphic stored on your computer. You must take a picture of the image and store it on your hard drive and then import the image using the Signature Graphic button. You may need to try a few times to store the image in a format that works well for the size you would like to show on the letter. You may import it into paint and change the pixel size or other attributes until you get the desired output.



Add currency symbol



Use the Finish button to save your changes


Signature Graphic



LII Contributions - Statements

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