LA AP - Checks: Reprint Committed Checks

How to reprint committed checks

There is no way to reprint a check the software thinks has already printed.  Instead, you will need to void the checks and reissue them, changing the check number.

One way to have a unique check number recorded that is also easy to find when reconciling your bank statement is to use the same check number but add leading numbers to it such as 10, or adding a zero to the end. 

For example: If you attempted to print check 3045 and not realizing you didn't have your check stock in the printer, you committed the check; you must void check 3045 and print it again. Since the print stock for check 3045 is still available to use, but Logos thinks check number 3045 has already been used, you may want to use check number 103045 or 30450. 

After the checks are processed you will need to update your last check number used  so the next check number the software assigns is in sequence with your check stock.


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