PSFS Offering - Batches: How to create a quick-entry batch for contributions or pledge payments

How to create a quick-entry batch for contributions or pledge payments

A quick entry batch is the only type of batch acceptable for posting contributions or payments using the quick-entry posting process. This topic shows you how to create a batch and define the type as "quick entry."

  1. Click Batches to display the Batch Management page.

  2. In the toolbar, click Add Batch to open the Create new batch form:

If you do not have Add/Edit access rights assigned to your login credentials, the Add Batch button is disabled. Contact your administrator for assistance.

  1. Complete the fields in the form to define the batch you are creating. Be sure to select the Quick Entry Posting option from the Batch Type dropdown list.

For descriptions of the fields, refer to the table in this topic: Batch Details.

An asterisk * indicates required information.

  1. Click Add Batch to create the batch. A message is displayed to inform you that the batch was successfully created.

  1. Click Close to exit the message. You return to the Batch Management page.

  1. (Optional) Verify that the system created the batch. To do this, on the Batch Management page, select Quick Entry from the Status dropdown list. The grid refreshes to show quick-entry batches only. The batch you created is listed in the grid.

  1. You can now set up the batch in preparation for data entry. Go to How to Set Up a Data Entry Form for a Quick-Entry Batch.

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