PSFS Offering - Batches: How to set up a data entry form for a Quick-Entry Batch

How to set up a data entry form for a Quick-Entry Batch

After you create a quick-entry batch, you must set up the data entry form so that you can add transactions to it. This topic shows you how to select and configure fields for the form.



Setting Up a Batch



In this topic, you will learn how to set up the batch entry form for contributions using the quick-entry process. In the setup, you will set up the profile of the batch entry form to match all or most of the contributions you will be processing in the batch. You will specify values for common fields, such as the name of the fund receiving the contributions and the payment method (for example, cash).

If you took the time to prepare your contributions for quick entry posting, they are separated into groups that have elements in common (for example, contributions to the same fund). Each group of contributions can comprise a batch. When you set up the batch entry form, you can customize the available fields on the form by setting them to default values that match all or most of the contributions in the group.

You will also specify which lookup filters you want to use to search for givers whose contributions you are adding. The goal of the setup is to enable you to customize the form so that you can enter contributions quickly and efficiently. In a few minutes, you will have set up a form that is ready for you to enter contributions into your system.



The setup instructions in the next section assume that you have already created a quick-entry batch. If you have not done so, go to How to Create a Quick-Entry Batch. Then, return to this topic to set up the batch you created.


Setting Up a Batch

  1. Select the desired organization from the Organization dropdown list.
  2. Click Posting. From the drop-down menu, select the Quick Entry Posting option.
    • The Posting dropdown menu is available only if you have Add/Edit permissions in the Offering module. Contact your administrator for assistance.
    • The Quick Entry Posting page is displayed. The grid shows open quick-entry batches only. For example:
  1. Select the desired batch. Then, click Launch Quick Entry Contribution Posting Page. The software does the following:
    • If other users are working in the batch, a message is displayed to inform you that you do not have exclusive use of the batch. The quick entry posting process allows multiple users to work simultaneously in a batch. Be aware that users do not see one another’s changes to a batch that affect such elements as the transaction count and the batch balance.
    • If no other users are working in the batch, a Welcome window opens to inform you that the system automatically saves your data as you work so you do not need to be concerned about losing data if you are interrupted or leave the page.
  1. Do one of the following: 
    • If you received a notification that other users are working in the batch, click Close to exit the informational message.
    • If the Welcome window is displayed, click the desired link to hide the tip and close the window. The Quick Entry Contribution Posting page is displayed. You are now viewing the entry form for the batch you selected. Here’s an example of the form:
  1. The name of the selected batch appears in the dropdown list in the top-right corner. If the wrong batch is showing, select the name of the correct batch.
    • For the selected batch, the Batch Information section provides this information:
      • Total: shows the total cash amount specified for the batch when it was created. This is the value entered into the Cash Total field for the batch. This value does not change.
      • Balance: shows the current balance amount for contributions currently entered into the batch. Initially, the amount in this field is the same as the amount in the Total field (see the previous illustration). As you enter contributions into the batch, the amount of the contribution of each is subtracted from the balance, causing it to decrease toward zero dollars ($0.00).
      • Transactions: displays a count of the number of contributions currently in the batch. Because this number is a function of the number of contribution entries, it is initially set to zero (0). With each contribution you enter, the count increments by one.
    • The Default Posting Data section is where you set the default values for the FundDate, and Payment Type fields. The value you specify in each of these fields is automatically displayed for each contribution you add to the batch.
  1. In the Default Posting Data section, select the default field values for FundDate, and Type from the respective dropdown lists. The default values you select now in the setup help speed up the process of entering your contribution data. The values you select in the setup automatically appear in the fields when you enter contributions into the batch. During data entry, the system allows you to change the default value for a specific contribution to a different value (for example, if a contribution in the batch needs to be posted to a different fund). After you make the change, the system will load the new value into the field for the selected contribution only.
    • The Fund field shows only those funds you have permission to access.
    • As shown in the following illustration, the Posting section, at the bottom of the form, is where you enter contribution data:
    • Each contribution entry will appear as a separate line item. When you first open the form, the system provides a couple of empty lines that serve as placeholders for the first two entries. As you enter more contributions, the system automatically adds more line items for you.
    • The Env # (family or member’s envelope number) is the default lookup field. If you do not want to use the envelope number to search for givers, you can select a different lookup field. You can also add more lookup fields, if desired, and change the default posting filters.
    • The purpose of the quick-entry feature is to streamline the process by reducing the number of fields requiring input. Be aware that adding more fields slows down the process.
  1. (Optional) To change the default lookup field, to add additional lookup fields to the form, or to change the default posting filters, do the following:
    • Click x to open the Options and Filters window.
    • Do one or more of the following:
      • Change the default lookup field. If you want to use the last name to search for givers, select Last Name from the Family/Member Lookup group. Alternatively, if you want to use both the last name and the envelope number, select Both.
      • Add the check number field. To do this, select the Check Number checkbox.
      • Add the Memo field. To do this, select the Memo checkbox.
      • Change the default posting filters. By default, the posting filters are set to Both for Family Registration Status and All Groups for Family Group. To change the filters, select different options from the Family Reg. Status and the Family Group dropdown lists.
    • Click Save to save your changes.
      • You return to the batch entry form. The system adds the selected fields to the Posting section. Now, when you tab through the form during data entry, the fields are included in the tabbing sequence.
    • Review the batch entry form to make sure it is accurate for the batch. Make final changes to the setup, if necessary.
    • You can now enter contributions into the batch.


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