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How to commit a quick-entry batch


The process of committing a batch saves the batch details and the contribution records in the batch. This article will show you how to commit a batch that was created using the quick-entry posting process.

Commit Overview

Committing a Batch


Commit Overview

Batches provide a convenient way to enter contribution information into a group. The quick entry contribution postings in the form are not posted to each family's giving history until the batch is Committed.
When you commit the batch, the records are moved from the quick-entry temporary table and are saved. During the process of committing the batch, the software performs more checks to ensure that the data is error-free; If it finds errors, they are reported and must be fixed before it will allow you to commit.

Note: After committing a batch, the Contributions can still be edited. It is only once it is closed that a batch is locked from editing.

Committing a Batch

After performing an initial check on the batch to determine that it is in balance and that no transactions contain errors (for example, a non-existent envelope number), a banner displays at the bottom of the batch entry form:


To commit the batch:

  1. Click the Commit link.

    • If errors are found, they will display in a message explaining why; fix these then try to commit the batch again.
      -Or Maybe-

    • After a final validation check to make sure the data in the batch is still accurate and that the batch is still balanced.
  1. Then do the following: 

    • If you have the appropriate permissions, then the Close Batch button is available and you can click it.  If you do not want to close it now, click the Close to exit the 'Commit Successful' screen.

      If you do not have the appropriate permissions, the Close Batch button will not be available (dimmed). Another user with the appropriate permissions can close the batch. Click Close to exit the 'Commit Successful' message.

The toolbar on the Batch Management page contains a Close Batch button. Only a user with Close Batch permissions for Offering can use the button to close a batch. It is not available to a user who does not have that permission.

If you want to view a report showing details for contributions in the batch, go to the Reports page and create a Batch Detail report.

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