CNFS Administration - Configure an SMTP (Email) Server

How do I send email through ConnectNow?

ConnectNow doesn't actually send email itself. Instead it forwards email messages to the server you already use to send email. Servers that send mail are called SMTP Servers. Before you can send email, ParishSOFT support has to enter your SMTP server settings into ConnectNow. After that, you need to enter the mail server and email address for each staff member (different staff members can use different mail servers). Once those steps are done, the staff member can use their normal email username and password to send email through ConnectNow.

This article covers the first step--making sure your mail server settings are in ConnectNow.

ParishSOFT has preloaded the most common mail servers into ConnectNow:

Domain SMTP Server


If the staff member's email address is listed above, note the mail server and go to the article Configure Email Account for Staff.

For all other email addresses, send us the following information. You can include this in an email to

  1. Domain Name (the part of the email address after @)
  2. SMTP Port (a number)
  3. SSL or TLS Required? (These are security protocols some email servers use)
  4. SMTP Server Address (This is the mail server that will actually send the mail).

Note: Often, if you know your domain name, you can search the web for the additional information requested. The links will take you to information for AT&T, Google, and Yahoo. Otherwise, you will need to contact your email provider to obtain the requested information.


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