PSFS Offering - Import: How to set up ParishSOFT Family Suite for contribution imports

How to set up ParishSOFT Family Suite for contribution imports

Also described as, How to set up ParishSOFT Family Suite to import manual exports from ParishSOFT Giving

If you do not have Organization Admin privileges, you will have to work with your administrator.

  1. Check to see who has Organization Admin privileges (example):
  2. Make sure that the user doing the import has the check-box for Import checked (under the Offering section).
  3. The person with this permission setting will have a Funds tab under their Offerings tab.

    In the Funds tab, select the Fund Permissions button and sort with Manage by Member and check the check-box of the person doing the import; make sure that they have permission to the funds that they are importing.

  4. After that, in the Funds tab, click on the edit button (pencil and paper icon) next to the funds to check the fund settings.
  5. Make sure the fund is not end-dated.
  6. When in the fund settings first make sure that the fund is enabled for importing; then if it is enabled, check to see that the Fund ID matches the one used in the import file to import contributions.  If the Fund is not enabled for import, then hit Edit and check the available box beside "Enable for Import", and then click Save.
  7. Make sure that the Offering Module is set to import contributions by envelope number. To do so, go to Administration1, Module Settings2, Import3. Mark Envelope Number4 and click Save Settings5.
  8. If you receive error messages about not having permission to the fund it is likely that the fund # in your CSV( Excel sheet) is not the same as the Fund ID in PS, or that the fund in PS is not enabled for import.
  9. If you are using anything other than Parishsoft Online Giving, your Fund ID will be in Column E:
    Ex 2:


  • All families need matching envelope numbers in both systems.
    • If a family doesn't use an actual envelope, you can assign a number anyway as long as the number given in the giving system matches the number you give them in the Family Suite.
    • If the family should not get envelopes, in their family record, uncheck the "Contribution Envelopes" checkbox. 

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