CNA L&P - Budgets: Can I lock a budget?


Can I lock a budget and prevent changes from being made to the values?

Yes, you can lock and unlock budgets in ConnectNow Accounting!


You can also limit which budgets can be locked and unlocked. The system blocks importing budgets if the feature is turned on, and you will not see the Submit button in the budget entry screen.

By default, the system allows users to lock and unlock budgets who have been assigned to these roles:

  • Diocesan Administrator
  • Consolidation Users
  • Church Administrators

You can decide which user roles can perform the task to lock and unlock budgets:

Step 1: Open Consolidation Manager

Step 2: Click Options

Step 3: Scroll down to the Lock/Unlock Budgets section

Step 4: To remove permissions for a specific role, simply select the role's checkbox to lock (and unlock budgets) remove the check-mark and click Submit.


Once the feature is turned on and a user has the necessary permissions, log in to the organization whose budget you want to lock, open Ledgers and Payables, click Process, then select Lock/Unlock Budget to display a list of budgets you can lock/unlock:

To lock a budget check the box, to unlock a budget remove the check mark and click Submit

 Note: You cannot archive an account with a budget in the current or future year. If an account has a budget in closed years, the system allows you to archive it.


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