LA AP - Checks: How to un-void a check in Logos

How to un-void a check in Logos 

A check cannot be un-voided in Logos. The check will need to be recreated. If the voided check has been cashed and you do not need to print another check, you have two options:

Option 1: Create a CD entry in Logos giving it the same check number as the original. The date you give it should be the same date as the void date you gave the check (as long as the void date is still in an open bank reconciliation period. If the void date is in a closed bank reconciliation period, you must give the entry a date in the open bank reconciliation period.
Option 2: Create a new check through Accounts Payable, Individual Transactions marking it as Pre-Paid and adding a letter to the end of the check number. Marking Pre-Paid will record the check, but you will not be required to print the check. Adding a letter to the end of the original check number will help you match the check when it is reported on your bank statement.


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