Legacy Offering - Reports: How to create a report of contributions sorted by fund

How to create a report of contributions sorted by fund


  1. Choose the Offering Module.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. For category, choose Contributions.
  4. For the report, choose Postings.
  5. Select the checkbox in the header to select all funds. Or, if you only want contributions from specific funds, select the funds you want to view
  6. Set the start and end dates if desired. To run a report from a specific start date to the present, set the specific date as the start date and uncheck the box next to "to."
  7. Under Giving, you have the option to select Fund Summary if you want a summary of the giving to each fund.
  8. From "Sort," choose "Fund Ascending".
  9. Click View Report.

This will generate a report showing all contributions given to the selected funds in the date range you entered with a subtotal for each fund and a total for all funds included. 

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