DFS Offering - Fund: How to Add A Fund

How to add a Fund to ParishSOFT Desktop: Offerings and Pledges.

  • Open the Offerings and Pledges module in ParishSOFT Desktop and login.
  • Click on the Add/edit/Delete Funds Button. 


  • Take noted of the last Chart of Account Fund # in the scroll-able list. You will create a Chart of Account # by choosing the next number available. This will also serve as your QuickBooks Account # if you utilize that software. (Item 1)
  • Click on the Add button toward the bottom of the page. (Item 2)


  • Add the new Chart of Account # that you previously noted from the scroll-able list in the Account Number field and the QuickBooks Account Number field. (Items 1 & 2)
  • Add the Fund Description. (Item 3)
  • Click on Update. (Item 4)


  • Verify that all information is correct in pop-up box.


  • Click on OK.
  • You will now be able to use this Fund when Posting Contributions.



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