CNA Payroll - ACH Receipt: How to Reprint

How to reprint an ACH receipt

Some times you will need to reprint an ACH Receipt.  You can do this for any number of employees.

From Payroll click Payroll Process

Then Select the correct Payroll Process from the list.

Click on Step 8) ACH File

All employees will be checked.  Use the Deselect All button in the lower left or uncheck each employee you don't want a receipt for.  Select the ones you do want the receipt for if you used Deselect All.

Click Submit.

Click Print Receipts.

The report will export to Adobe Reader.  From there you can print the receipts or save the file for later.  We don't recommend attaching the file to an email due to sensitive information in the email but it can be done if you wish to do so.

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