CNA Payroll - Checks: Missed an employee

How to pay someone who did not get paid with everyone else? 


If the payroll has not yet been closed, you may go into the same payroll and select the unpaid employee's name. Process payroll as usual. Only an employee for whom a check was not already generated will create a new check.

If the employee is paid through ACH processing, please see this Help File article

If the payroll has been closed, simply create a new payroll using the correct pay period dates and check dates. If you print reports for this pay period, simply select all pertinent payrolls.


The following is an example of how you may select more than one payroll at a time to populate your report with several different Payroll Processes. The employee will print once with detail from each of the selected payrolls under their names. Click the top Payroll and drag down to the last one. All in between will be selected.

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