Legacy Offering - Reports: How to identify the number of givers and who they are

How to identify the number of givers and who they are

  • The easiest way to check for givers is in Offering, Reports.
  • Select Contributions from the Category menu. 
  • Select Summary from the Report menu


Funds Tab

  • In the Funds Tab, select all relevant funds. A-B


Filters Tab

  • In Filters,  select the date range1 you'd like.
  • Place 0.01 for minimum and leave maximum blank.2
  • Set the membership filters3 you'd like
  • Make sure you do not check the boxes for Include $0 Contributions.4
  • Do not mark Include Non-Givers in Report.5


Givers Tab

  • Then select2 all the givers1 and click View Report3


(If the report does not generate in a new window, and it appears that nothing happened then your pop-up blocker is most likely turned on. This will need to be turned off to run our reports. You can disable pop-up blocker within your browser settings)

  • To get the number of non-givers, go to the last page of the report, at the bottom it will say "Summary" and then give you the number of families that do not give. 
  • If you need to export this list to Excel format, save the document as a CSV, it will download to your computer, and then you can open it: 


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