CNA: LP - 1099 Vendor Name

How does the 1099 Vendor Name get created and can it be edited? 

When you create a new Vendor Record the Vendor Name will Populate the Check Name field.

When you submit the new vendor the Check Name will populate the 1099 Vendor Name.  So if all 3 names (Vendor Name, Check Name and 1099 Vendor Name) are the same you don't need to enter more than the Vendor Name. 

However if your check name should be different than the Vendor Name, make that change before clicking submit, at which point whatever is in the Check Name will update the 1099 Vendor Name field.

If all 3 names should be different then you will have to edit the 1099 Vendor Name field after you submit the Vendor record for the first time.

You can edit any Name field on any existing Vendor record after it has been created and no other name will be changed.  This means if you want to change 2 or more name fields you will need to edit each of them manually.


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